Vivekananda Institute of Biotechnology

Science in the Service of Mankind


VIB developed and promoted waste recycling through biogas production which replaces fossil fuel where the biogas is used as a fuel. The slurry produced from biogas plant is used for vermicomposting.

The promotion of non conventional energy resources is one of the most important global issue now. VIB is trying to develop such resources. Three bio-gas plants, two primary plants using night soil and cow dung and one secondary plant using slurry from primary plants, are working at VIB as a model. With the help of WBREDA, Govt. of West Bengal, 50 bio-gas plants were set up at different villages of Sunderbans. A new project for setting up district level energy park at this institute has been sanctioned by WEBEDA. DST, Govt. of India has also sanctioned a project to develop a model for energy services for the people of Sunderban-coastal zone of India.