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Aquaculture is one of the most common practice in this area. This institute emphasizes on elevation of the income and consequent socioeconomic level of the people of weaker section of the target area.

  • Refinement of Mud Crab Culture Technology with Development of Poly Culture of Mud Crab with Brackish water Shrimps and Fishes.
  • Popularization  of  Poly Culture of Mud Crab with Brackish water Fishes and Shrimps at Sagar, Sundarban, West Bengal.
  •  Mission Mode Project to Develop  low cost effective Innovative Technology model based Development and Demonstration of Giant Fresh Water Prawn Scampi hatchery in the Sagar Island ,Sunderban”, West. Bengal.   
  • Production, Promotion and Development  of fresh water prawn (Scampii) farming in the recently  aila  cyclone affected saline  agricultural land/waste land and low line area in the Sagar Island ,Sunderban , West Bengal.
  • To develop and  demonstrate a model of Integrated Fish Culture with     livestock-poultry, duckery, dairy and mushroom, as a sustainable livelihood for the people of Sundarbans in the Sagar Island  ,West Bengal. 

Fencing with nylon net and preparation of pond before stocking of mud crab 

Stocking of juvenile crabs in the grow out pond

Fattening of mud crab operation in the bamboo splits fenced pond 

Harvesting of fattened  mud crab of exportable market size in the winter season  


Sustainable Use of Mangroves

Sunderban, the southern most part of Bengal is mostly dominated by mangrove forest, which is in danger nowadays. Nypa fruticans, an important mangrove palm is one of the threatened mangrove species in this region.

Like all other palm trees, Nypa palm is considered as a source of sugar in most agro-ecological zones of tropical world. This palm tree grows well in mangrove region of West Bengal & Bangladesh. VIB initiated to standardize the method of tapping of juice from this palm. The aim of this study is to determine best growing condition & season, the harvestable amount of the leaf from the plant without affecting the normal growth, quality & optimum condition for juice production, chemical content of the juice & the potentiality for the use of juice for production of sugar & alcohol.

Nypa plant at VIB 

Data Collection at VIB

Nypa population at Rajbhavan, Kolkata

Tapping of Sap at Moipith, South 24-Parganas 

VIB also trying to document the medicinally important mangrove species of Sunderban region & preapre an illustrated field guide book.


Acanthus illicifolia 

Clerodendrum inerme