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Swami Vivekananda


… one should not only work for himself, but also for others, always remembering the existence of god within everyone…All the wealth of the world can not help a little Indian village, if the people are not taught to help themselves. Our work has to be mainly educational, both moral and intellectual…

Vivekananda Institute of Biotechnology, a branch organization of Sri Ramkrishna Ashram, Nimpith has come up a long way since 1991 with support from DBT, DST and CAPART (Govt. of India). It’s also functioning as - 

-  A SIRO (Scientific & Industrial Research Organization) recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.
-  A PG Research Laboratory recognized by University of Burdwan.
-  The Technology Resource Centre for the coastal saline zone of West Bengal.

We wish to take the blessings of science and technology to the remotest family and develop the area as a whole by : - 

  • Assessing, designing and developing multi skill biotechnology programmes.
  • Building village based human resource.
  • Providing service and creating knowledge base in the village through these human resource.


Sundarban is the largest delta of the world at the bottom of West Bengal, is ecologically marginalized by cyclone, high salinity of soil, water logging and lack of infrastructure. It has rich flora and fauna diversity which has been endangered due to climatic vagaries and ecological destruction.


  VIB - Coordinates :


Meteorological Data, Nimpith

Date                     Relative Humidity (%)            Temperature (oC )                     Rainfall

                                (Max)                  (Min)                (Max)               (Min)

 Source: Ramkrishna Ashram Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nimpith

Tax Exemption

Donate for societal and mankind developmental activities of The Ashrama. We have 125%, 100% Income Tax Relief (According to the rule of IT Act 35 (I) (ii) and 35 CCA)

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